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I'm collecting history for the Harvard archives on USA based adult work. The site I have set up for this is at I found just in locating my own archies for history - it's been an enlightening experience - much like Howard Zinn when he put together his view on history from an indigeous point of view!

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We've been accused of creating our program as a 12 step group as a way of saying that sex work is a "disease".  We do not believe that - and every group is different.   We've talked about groups like "Divorce Anonymous" as an example of people who are not "addicted" to divorce - but merely want to use a group to gather people together with a common interest in healing from divorce.  Others say that also is a "slam" on the industry.  However, we point you to this article on "Latins Anonymous" to illustrate that sometimes the groups are simply to "connect" to others.

Click here to see an article about such a group.

In other words, every 12 step group is different and NOT identical to Alcoholics Anonymous.  To see our history, you can follow the links below to see it's progression over the years from the founder's arrest - to where we are now.

For Jody's CV (Resume) - click here:   If you would like to read about the history of the sex trafficking movement - an article written by Jody is here:

You'll also see our name change over the years from "Prostitutes Anonymous" to "Sex Workers Anonymous".   Here's one of our early talk shows where we are going by "Prostitutes Anonymous":

Some of our older groups who have been meeting for over 20 years still go by our old name which we changed in 1995.  You'll note different people running different chapters in these articles.  This is because, like any other 12 step group, the local chapters are run by someone who lives in that area.  Not everyone likes to do interviews for the press - but for those who are trying to get a chapter going in their city you'll find articles on them.  Currently, we have 1,000's of members with chapters all across the USA, into Canada and now into five other countries. Our database of current members right now is 190,000 as of February of 2016.  We have over 30,000 subscribers to our blog at the moment also.  Our hotline has answered over 500,000 calls from what our phone records reveal as of 2015.  That's not counting how many emails and letters we've answered over these 30 years now.

We're working on a translation now for those countries of our literature.  Thanks to a wonderful member - we now have a Spanish and Russian translation of our "Recovery Guide" we're working on publishing.  If you find you're uncomfortable, or not getting what you need from a local meeting - just call our main office and we'll connect you to other members.   We have phone meetings for those who aren't near a local meeting you can attend from anywhere in the world you can get to a phone held every Saturday.

My Arrest - Note Name "Rene Le Blanc"
The DA was trying to protect me from murder attempts.
When you have a court date, your date is "public record" for anyone to see
you're coming to the courthouse.  They didn't want the liability of my
blood spilled on their courthouse step - so they placed my case under an "aka"
of a male name thinking this would protect me coming into my hearings.
You'll notice however they did not change my mother's name who was
joined with my case.  Meaning anyone could look up her name to find me. 
It was mistakes like that which did not make me trust the DA with my life.

Click here for full story -

Another Clipping of my arrest.  Here's the back story - we were being refused anywhere we ran for help.  The hospitals, drug treatment centers, even homeless and domestic violence shelters were refusing you if you were a prostitute, or they even suspected you were, especially if you had a record for prostitution.  Back in this day, if the police raided a brothel - the prostitutes were arrested that were merely in the property.  No questions were even asked if they were there by choice.  If they tried to defend they were there against their will - they were threatened into silence by the pimps.  Many hotels/motels even wouldn't rent to you, as well as many apartment buildings wouldn't rent to you unless you had a paystub, and if you had a record for prostitution.  There were many jobs you couldn't get with a record for prostitution, especially those that provided housing like an apartment manager job.  So where did we go?  The only other place in the world at that time was Children of the Night for juveniles that had opened in 1979.  So where did someone over 18 go?  Nowhere.  

I took a warehouse I had once used as an incall/theater operation and converted it into a safe house.  I had saved up enough money to return to school and had stopped working as a prostitute.  I had stopped running my ads, and cut off my phones.  A woman called me up saying her pimp had just broken her arm and nose so I went to pick her up in Lancaster, California where they didn't even have a domestic violence shelter.  She had a record for prostitution and was on probation so she couldn't find work either.  I put her up in the warehouse to heal because she also had two black eyes when I got her.  The pimp asked around for her, and people told him "she might be at the warehouse".  He tried to break in and couldn't because of the security we had.  So he called in a tip to the police we were "operating a brothel".

At midnight the police came and knocked.  She answered in her PJ's because it was midnight.  In the cops' mind, she was prostituting and she was arrested on the spot for prostitution.  Then the police tried to get her to charge me as her pimp because the lease was in my name.  Only she testified against her real pimp instead - so the charges against me were dropped.  However, my being arrested concerned many people that I would start "talking" about what I knew to them now I had their ear.  That's when I started getting shot at.  A girlfriend of mine who I had loaned her my car was killed when an illegal alien plowed into her t-bone style at 100 mph.  When he was arrested - he told cops he had "been hired" to do that job.  Meaning I had to go "off the grid" for a while until things calmed down.  But I was still getting calls for help from men and women.  Remember, I had opened the first "safe house" for adults now in this country and word had spread through the streets.  

Linda Lovelace had tried unsuccessfully in 1980 to convince America about sex trafficking in her book "Ordeal".  She had teamed up with the people who were putting together the Meese Report.  So I reached out to then California Attorney General Edwin Meese about the victims being arrested as criminals, including myself, and asked his advice to stop this.  He told me that he felt we, as a country, would never stop arresting prostitutes, and therefore I should consider adopting a 12 step program structure.  There were laws in place already because of Alcoholics Anonymous that would allow the court to consider these "extenuating circumstances" and allow them to have an "alternative to sentencing" without us having to have a PhD, a professor, or a center of some kind which would require millions of dollars to set up and wouldn't be national/international.   

After having a "spiritual awakening" I later learned was much like the ones Bill Wilson and Jimmy Kinnon had, I went ahead and launched "Prostitutes Anonymous" on August 15, 1987.  We were later renamed to "Sex Workers Anonymous" in 1995 because of the invention of webcamming.  This was bringing in members who were not only employed in the sex industry who were not having sex for money directly, but there were in fact people who were being trafficked in the webcam sites we found being locked in bedrooms and not let out.  In other words, there were sex workers and trafficking victims who were not having physical intercourse for money - so they weren't technically "prostitutes".   The term "trafficking victim" was not coined until after the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  We formed in 1987.  So the language we used was "if you were forced" or "forced prostitution" because we didn't have words in a world that didn't believe this was even real before the federal recognition came with the Act passing in 2000.   Meaning that we were also the first putting survivors on TV, radio, and the press talking about this being a real thing, and calling upon the country to change to help us.  Thus the movement was born.  

Clipping about our sentencing.

To show the climate in Los Angeles in 1986, before we formed our program, the group "Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Killers" was formed because "news and law enforcement were making insufficient efforts to find the killer because all but two of the victims were black".  The efforts of these vocal women led to the eventual arrest and incarceration of the man dubbed the "Grim Sleeper" by courageous people who kept fighting for justice for these victims.

 I've attached this article to show how supportive then mayor Tom Bradley, and Sheriff Gates, were of the problem prostitutes were facing.  This article shows that him, along with other politicians, and the sheriff, actually offered a reward to help find a killer who focused on prostitutes back then.  Los Angeles had a record number of killers back then targeting prostitutes - from the Hillside Strangler (who was actually two pimps), Green River Killer, Southside Slayer, and Night Stalker just to name a few who were widely publicized.  They say that because of the "crack cocaine epidemic over 100 prostitutes were murdered" in another article. 

I've also attached this link to show Tom's willingness to "cut through red tape to get things done".  I say this because when the HIV epidemic was raging and jails, hospitals, shelters, and treatment centers were refusing to admit prostitutes for fear of HIV/AIDS - he formed a board to find a way to coordinate services and create a solution to the problem.  Such as this shelter -   If he had said this was to play HIV + male prostitutes - it never would have opened!  Tom Bradley was truly a visionary in his concern for prostitutes.  Here's a letter from Ann Hayman, a woman who was on this board with us verifying this work -

Another article dated 1991 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  However, it was falsely cited as being "created by Ruth Wernick".  When I discovered more falsehoods behind by back by Ruth like this one - I parted ways with her.  Her "Program for Female Offenders" folded a few months after I pulled out the meetings.  This was but one in a series of falsely reported articles on us to come.

Our program expanded into Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1990.  Here's an article in the Morning Call about the ground breaking program -

Canada 1990 Clip - Prostitutes Anonymous

Clipping about "Prostitutes Anonymous" in 1991

San Diego, California Chapter - 1991

Mary Bruno's Article in Redbook

1994 Article about Paige Latin in Canada. 

Canada Article with Paige Latin - or 

1999 Clipping about "Prostitutes Anonymous"

1999 Clipping about the program

 2000 Article about Phoenix Prostitutes Anonymous

Sex Workers Anonymous New York 2007

Kansas - 2007 (This article appeared in multiple papers nationally)

Bob Herbert - Salina Journal - 2007

(Note - this above article with Melissa Farley IS NOT what I was told I was appearing at to announce.  Nor what I agree to involve Kathleen Mitchell or Brenda Myers-Powell, two long standing members of our program who have identified in the press not only as members, but who also have said in different interviews they credit their recovery through our program.  Right after I was mike'd by the sound people, and the press was in front of us - Melissa asked me if I would "call to abolish the sex industry".  Of course I refused.  I've been calling for decriminalization of this industry since day one.  I've been doing that because one can't mount a proper defense one is a victim, not a criminal, when being charged as a criminal for prostitution.  

Also, how does one get the evidence and testimony against one's traffickers when prostitution is a crime?  Try getting someone to confirm you were being raped during a bank robbery!  Doesn't happen easily or regularly.  What Melissa did was she pulled the reporters into the hallway at this conference and put words into my mouth I did not even know were said until I went home and turned on the news.  I was so enraged at what she had done -I issued a public statement disconnecting from all relationship with her and also the formation of TAPS.  Thus the feud between her and I began which she carries out through smearing us from behind closed doors.  When I've caught her at this defamation - once she's served with legal notice she takes down all the evidence from online and then just continues through another avenue.

This is a clipping about Joe Conforte -
the man who I had to go up against as a "opponent"
to his views when he wanted to expand legal brothels
into California.  No one wanted to go up against him
producers would say - but me.  You can see why here.

2008 interview with Jody Williams by Phyllis Chester -

2011 article about Aubrey's appearance at the Nevada legislature.   She did three things that day - she (1) read a letter to the legislature from "us" about what we felt would help us, (2) gave an opposing opinion to brothel lobbyist George Flynt's testimony about expanding the brothels, and (3) she testified we were against AB67.  Note the differing view here between Ed's article in northern Nevada and the Review Journal who mentions not only nothing about her testifying against the brothel expansion, but it said there was "no opposition".  Isn't that a lie?   Here's what Aubrey talked about with respect to her experiences.  Am I against prostitution?  No.  But I am against this.

2010 Report (note: We did not give her consent to use any portion of our book in this report.  But she reprinted it with a credit - so it's legal.)

2012 "The Fix" article.  However, this is all wrong because the writer interviewed Brenda, rather than calling the office.  We are NOT for people who are "addicted" to prostitution.  Our members are those who "have a desire to leave the sex industry and find recovery".  Maybe 5 % of our members report they are "addicted" to prostitution.  We also don't know who he attended meetings with but we do NOT advise female members to take "chicken soup" to male members homes!

2013 Article on ABC News   We did not approve this interview.  Brenda seems to think changing the name to "Prostitution Anonymous" bypasses the injunction we gave her to stop granting interviews - but it doesn't.

2013 article about the first transgender meeting in the Chicago jail.

2014 Article in Chicago Tribune  This article is why we've served Brenda Myers-Powell with an injunction she's ignoring.  First, we NEVER let media into one of our meetings, jail or not.  Second, we NEVER let cameras into our meetings nor photograph our members full-face such as this.  We don't know if these women have a pimp looking for them or not - plus this photo could prevent them from finding a job or housing.  Third, how are they going to say "no" to the request to be filmed?  It's the jail asking them - so we feel consent to be filmed as obtained under duress.  Fourth, this article "affiliates" us with another program which is against our traditions.  Fifth, they have received grant money for this which means they are now "professional" which is another violation of our traditions.  Sixth, in a jail setting we do not ask questions about anything that could be a crime as this is a violation of one's 5th amendment right not to "incriminate" themselves.  This is why our official meeting formats state "we do not care who you worked for, how much you made, or what you did" - and why we only do speaker or step study meetings inside of a jail.  This article is NOT reflective of our program in any way.  In fact, if any of these women would like to contact us to file a class action suit against Brenda, and the jail for exploiting them this way - please get in touch.

July 2014 Radio Interview with Jody Williams, Founder & Director =

 Page from "Somebody's Daughter" by Julian Sher

More about us in Arizona (2010)

 A "thank you" from a woman we helped found online.

Sharon Oselin's Book "Leaving the Sex Industry" 2009

John Quinones from ABC's "What Would You Do?"
wrote in the 2009 book "Heroes Among Us"
about Jody and SWA after coming to Las Vegas.

Our 1991 program in Vancouver Canada spawned PEERS in Canada -

Celia Williamson's CV showing her starting  a Prostitutes Anonymous Meeting in 1994 in Ohio -

Second Chance - Ohio Prostitutes Anonymous Meeting

Supreme Court Brief quoting our "Recovery Guide" - and my letter to the Supreme Court Justices about this Brief

Note: we are tracking down videos of our TV appearances as I speak.  If you have any of these tapes, we'll buy them off you or please donate them.  We lost all our original tapes in the 1994 Sherman Oaks earthquake.

2013 - Chicago group -

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The "Catfishing" of America


That is a lie.  Those of us who are in the sex industry, or being trafficked, know who is in control of the media right now.  We know that some of these predators are politicians, attorney's, judges, police, and even publishers or station owners.  We know they don't want us to know there's a way out nor do they want you to know where the door is to get out safely.  We know "they" lie.  We know their first defense is to attack us as "crazy" or our reputations.  Don't listen to "her" - she's just a "whore".  Don't listen to "her" - she's just "nuts" or a "drug addict". 

When one of Jeffrey Dahler's victims escaped his lair - he went to the police for help.  The police thought he was just a "drugged up fairy" and literally drug him right back to Jeffrey Dahler's house where THEY LEFT HIM.  Jeffrey told the police "oh we were just having a gay lover's quarrel when we were partying" and the police BELIEVED him because predators always know how to sound like the "sane" one.  After the police left him there - Jeffrey ATE him.  What does this have to do with prostitutes?  Jeffrey got men to come to his home by offering them money for sex or money to take their picture.  So the police also didn't believe the victim because in their mind he was a "male prostitute". 

That's how these predators operate.  If you're one of us - you know this.  You know the media is lying about us and also lying when they tell you there is "no way out" because there is.  There are plenty of programs out there that do help and do work and are safe. 

Our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, is only one of them.  We work with adults - but there are other programs also that do good work out there.  If you're under 18 years of age - there's Children of the Night.  Children of the Night knows that those who may be preying upon you right now might be your own parents, your step-parents, your foster-parents, those at the group home, those in the juvenile facilities.  They know how to protect you from these people.  If you can get to the airport - they will fly you to safety.  If you can't get to the airport - there are safe people who can get you onto a bus or drive you to them.  I'm not a part of them, I don't work for them, they are not associated with me.  I just know I've been able to place children and teens if these situations with them and they're safe there.  I have been to their weddings.  I've been to their college graduations.  You can trust them.  They know what they're doing.  They're NOT a religious program and neither are we. 

There are other programs also that are good, safe, quality programs, that can help you and know what they're doing - and won't force a religious doctrine on you, throw you out if you're gay or transgender, or male.  So help is out there - don't believe the lies of the church and the media and those who are being paid to exploit you and lie to you that there is none.  You can call my hotline, or the one at and you can find help.

Don't believe what this "Kamylla" is saying because it's not even her.  When she called our hotline - I offered her all the help she needed.  Next thing I know she's lying about us in the media.  Then she turned around and rejected our help.  She rejected our help because she wanted to tell the media that "no one was helping her". 

When she was supposedly posting online - she told me she was home without internet.  I also know when I'm talking to someone who is being threatened.  The minute after this "DominaElle" called my house to threaten me to "back off" her - my website showed I was being monitored by the DOJ.  No "real" sex worker posts on their fund raiser support for a bill to force shelters to admit us because we know that the shelters are not safe for us. 

So if you're reading this "Kamylla"  - I don't care what those police or attorney's are threatening you with - we have members of SWA in Houston who can come help you no matter the situation.  This is why we say we "are not connected with law enforcement" - so that you'll know we can protect you from these bad guys just like we helped people to escape from Chris Butler, Kemp Schiffer, and the others we can't list online. We were able to help the victims escape from Snoop's operation which we couldn't say anything until his confesson in "Rolling Stone".  We helped them get away - and we can help you if you're being forced to engage in the sex industry against your will.   

After we posted a link to the below post on A&E's webpage that was running video of the show "8 Minutes" - within 4 hours they had taken it down according to  Here is the comment we posted on their site to open:

Brilliant "catfishing" just brilliant.  My hat is off to Mr. Tom Forman.  He's peeing all over our legs and telling us it's raining.   Now he's got everyone out buying umbrellas from him.  Just brilliant.

These women were "not given the help they were promised" because the entire show was staged.  So ask yourself why would the whole show be staged?  Why not just sit down and actually call up some ads on Backpage (like they represented to be doing on this show) and actually film some real interviews with real trafficking victims.  I mean what is this show about - helping hookers or helping trafficking victims to "escape"? 

Because there is a difference you know.  A difference that's being hid very cleverly by this show.  I have to imagine Tom must have taken some magician classes when he was a kid because he's also an expert at distraction.  I guess that comes after producing the show "Catfish" as well though. 

I guess the problem came when they expected our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, to be like the rest of the shams who take donations and government money and then don't actually offer any real services but we weren't.

We weren't because we've the founders of the movement to have sex trafficking domestically in the first place recognized.  Back in 1987 no one even believed trafficking was real, and it was happening today, and happening to American men, women, transgenders and children. 

So we started taking to the media with our stories. Men like Geraldo and John Quinones and Bob Herbert who champion minorities helped us get the stories out - and our hotline so people could call for help from someone who believed them and was set up to help.  

But we kept not being believed because the government and press  said we "didn't have any proof".  We got that "proof" from Jeane Palfrey when she released her "Black Book" which the press also tried to deny until the Smoking Gun verified it was real and the names in that book.  Now we got our federal recognition. 

Now we proved it existed - now the question became "what is it" then.  They couldn't listen to us - because then it points the finger at our government, our law enforcement, our judges, the district attorney's, all people that were proven to exist during the "G Sting" arrests and arrests of men like Chris Butler. 

So once again they're silencing us.  We went to the media and asked them to let us show what REAL trafficking looks like.  They refused. 

They refused because it would conflict with the false propaganda being churned out by Tom Forman at Relativity Media who was bringing us the fantasy show "Gigolo's" just ever so coincidentally when not only was Heidi Fleiss fleecing investors out of money to open a "male only" brothel while failing to mention she couldn't get a license because she was a felon - but also when our program was trying to get the public to recognize that trafficking was existing within the legal brothels during a press conference we gave about this in 2007.  There are clippings about this at  There's also been a campaign to silence us about this fact ever since - right along with bombs in our outreach RV - and one of our witnesses receiving death threats so badly she's had to flee the country. 
The actors have admitted to acting, and the "customers" have admitting to being actress's on "Gigolo's" - but again no one is asking "why act?"

When Annie Lobert came out on Bravo in 2010 - we helped to get that lie taken off the air after only one episode.   It was showing her doing "outreach" by walking up to hookers on the strip and offering to take them to a completely imaginary "program".  The churches behind her were fleecing people out of millions of dollars - then filing bankruptcy.  They were promising real hookers real help so they could then falsely tell donors, and them that "nothing exists" - and then running off with the money.  The US Attorney didn't mind because the false press allowed her to get federal grant money and also dollar matching - so she promised them to have "free rein" because she wouldn't audit them - and she's kept her word about that.

The front man changes, but not the people in the back getting the money.  Nor the tune - it's always "nothing exists - so give us money".  That's a lie.  There is help.  I'm not the only program that offers help - just the only one set up in such a way as I can say "stop peeing on my leg". 

Because after tangling with these people a few times - now they want to get their cop and private investigator friends to threaten me a little harder this time.   They don't realize we've been fighting bad cops since we started this work of helping real trafficking victims get away from real traffickers who employ the police or are the police again like the Chris Butler, or Kemp Schiffer, or 1000 other cases prove. 

So they got Kevin Brown this time.  Only when we started to blow the whistle - we're getting "catfished" yet again.  Because when this "Kamylla" called me on 4/20/15 - I offered her help with everything she needed.   We offered her a job, financial assistance, help with her eviction, help with her criminal case, and help with not being deported.  Further, we told her we'd send her over local Sex Workers Anonymous members to help her emotionally through this.   We told her we'd  show her how she'd never have to go back to prostitution ever again. 

Then we asked her to send us over her legal papers so we could set about helping.  Suddenly, there are no papers.  Suddenly, she doesn't want our help.  Okay that's fine.  People change their mind all the time.  We went about our business. 

But then she started lying about us online.  That was fishy.  Then a fund raiser appears being set up for her by an email of claiming to be a "pro-sexworker group" that's now helping her.  Only it wasn't Red Umbrella, Desiree Alliance, nor SWOP Texas.  I asked what group she was with - and then more attacks and more lies. 

Pro-sex work groups don't attack me.  This started smelling fishier.  When I threatened this Elle with a defamation lawsuit - she changed her name to "Tara".  The reason why the crowdfunding and paypal and such are holding up on the fundraising - isn't because they're sex workers - it's because something fishy is going on here. 

There's a bill on the fund raiser asking you to support forcing shelters to admit prostitutes instead of refusing them.  Shelters are refusing to admit prostitutes because the traffickers show up with cops or with guns and it's not safe for the staff or residents for them to be there.  The people who are receiving federal money to help us - don't want to build special shelters.  They want to put us in homeless shelters and pocket the money - only the shelters are refusing.  So they want to force them.  Polaris, who is also behind the show "8 Minutes" and Annie's show - is trying to get a bill passed to force shelters to admit prostitutes because even the prostitutes won't go.  If they are over 18 - they can't force them.  So you see - I highly doubt a sex worker would have set up that site. 

It took us 20 years to get the government, and the public, to recognize that sex trafficking is real and it exists and they are doing it to Americans.  Now they're trying to convince you America - that sex work is sex trafficking.  It's not.  Trafficking exists in any industry - including the legal sex industry in Nevada.  It's in the legal brothels just as it's in the illegal brothels.  It exists in manufacturing, food, hotel, construction, farming, and any industry.  But it's not the whole industry.  Prostitution is not trafficking. 

Gigolo's is not the reality of the male sex industry anymore than "8 Minutes" is the reality of the sex industry either.  Trafficking is not on Backpage - that' where women go who are unemployed and need to feed their kids or pay their rent.  The real traffickers want that shut down so that they have more control.   They also want you distracted from what they're doing. 

Because they're in the massage parlors for one thing.  They're also trafficking men.  And they want you so busy chasing strippers or street prostitutes or ads on Backpage - you leave them alone.

When you want more of the truth - you can read about it at   That's why they took down that page - they didn't want you to see that link.  Those "sex workers" had been "protesting" for three weeks.  They didn't care because they are them.  I know because they tried to "catfish" me too.  Only I know a real sex worker from a fake one - and that's why they're trying to shut me up. 

I didn't shut up in 1987 - and I'm not shutting up now. 


Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)

Jody Williams, Director

6311 Van Nuys Blvd., #108, Van Nuys, CA 91401

(702) 468-4529

May 7, 2015

Nancy Dubuc

A&E Network

Via Fax

Tom Forman

Relativity Media

Via Email

DominaElle and other so called “sex workers”

Via Email



I'm writing on behalf of both sex workers, ex-sex workers, sex trafficking victims, a “rescue” group as some people might call us, and as a minority woman who is a single mother of a Hispanic child. I found the portrayal of “us” on the show “8 Minutes” absolutely reprehensible and unconscionable on every level. If the show had in fact been a “reality show” then I would have no argument with what I saw on the show, or the related press, at all. But it wasn't. It was all “staged” - including the related press. Included even the implied “endorsement” of the show by running the phone number for the NTH at the end of the show after Polaris released a statement they wanted nothing to do with this.

What's even worse then the lies is the suppression of the actual truth that exists within the sex industry. That truth is that REAL sex trafficking exists. Not just with this show, but with the other “staged” show produced by Relativity Media of “Gigolo's”, and the show that aired on the Bravo network which is a sister-network to A&E that featured Annie Lobert – these shows represent themselves to the public viewing as “reality TV” all while showing a world where sex trafficking does not exist. I was taught as a child that an “omission” can be just as much of a lie as an outright lie if not more so.

Trafficking exists in ANY industry. Whether that industry be construction, manufacturing, farming, hotels, or even a private home that hires an undocumented maid for slave wages – trafficking exists in every industry. Yet shows produced by Tom Forman, and aired by A&E, Bravo, and others such as HBO, Showtime, etc. all want to show a “cleaned up” world that seems “harmless” and void of trafficking.

All while doing what it can to suppress that truth. I relocated back to Los Angeles partly to get my daughter better treatment for her brain tumor with the excellent doctors that California offers – but partly to film a “real life” documentary of me trying to get a “real life” sex trafficking ring shut down. There have already been arrests in this ring in Wichita, Kansas. You can read about them here The “heads” of this ring however reside in Pasadena, California.

I had gathered together a team of people who were going to help me film this “real life” take down of this operation. We had a celebrity spokeswoman who was going to narrate – and help with public appearances after the show would be released. We had an editor, director, producer with 30 years of experience in Hollywood to put the project together. Further, we had a production crew with the equipment and interest in doing a hard core dangerous undercover filming of the show all coordinated and ready to start filming in Los Angeles, California.

In order to “tank” this show because it would conflict with the fantasy images being presented on the series “8 Minutes” - everyone I had gathered together was threatened. When I went to the media about what was happening – reporters told me they were “afraid they'd never work again” if they wrote anything about what was happening here. The media is still afraid to write my name. There is now a conspicuous absence of my name in any articles now online in connection about this show. Which leaves me with no choice but to go to the courts to create a public record of my outrage over what I feel is now a “cover-up” of the truth about sex trafficking in this country with fantasy images of the sex industry.

What's really harmful is what the portrayal of us is that was chosen and scripted to have been released to the public of us as sex workers and as “victims” of trafficking. Every single woman I saw on the episodes I watched were Hispanic, or minority women. In narration, and in titles that ran after their faces were things portraying us as “mentally ill”, “drug addicted” “unable to keep a job” and most hurtfully was that these women were incapable of taking care of their own children. The show portrayed Hispanic women who have financial problems as someone who will go out and “prostitute” like it's nothing – like it's something that's a part of their daily lives.

It wasn't enough to bash just “us” as sex workers and trafficking victims as drug addicted, mentally ill prostitutes who can't take care of our own children or think for ourselves or run our own lives properly – but the show then went on to create press in connection with the show that “ALL rescue groups fail these women”. Our group, Sex Workers Anonymous, was slumped into that pool of groups that was being bashed despite the fact we were quite willing and able to help the woman portrayed as “Kamylla” when she called us for help on 4/20/15.

When she called us for help on 4/20/15 – we told her we could get her a lawyer, get her a job, stay her eviction, probably get her set up with the court on “alternative sentencing” like we do in many other states so she wouldn't have to go to jail, probably block any deportation because of having a job in the USA, and further we offered to send her over local SWA members for emotional support during this time period. Our help was refused – and then press generated stating that she “received no help from anyone” and that “all rescue groups are a sham”. Any mention of the help we offered was never mentioned.

So I just got bashed coming and going here by this show. Taking the show down makes it even harder now for me to combat any of the images, and the press, that have been generated to date. There's no opportunity now for a “retraction”. There's no opportunity to explain that this was “staged” and not “reality” to the people who already saw the show. There's no chance to warn people “don't try this at home” nor to generate press of other images of the truth behind the lives of sex workers, survivors, trafficking groups, or of minority women. If anything – the cancellation is MORE of a cover-up.

Leaving me with no choice but to do what is legally required of me before filing a defamation lawsuit. That is to give you legal notice of my intent – and to demand the situation be resolved another way. Unless you have any other ideas – I will be filing a defamation suit on Tuesday, May 13, 2015.

Jody Williams

When we first stepped up onto that first talk show stage in 1987, and spoke to that first reporter, we tried to get the outside world to learn that trafficking existed within the sex industry itself.  Any "industry" has "trafficking" whether it's manufacturing, clothing, mining, fishing, farming, food, electronics, construction, hospitality, or even private homes where the victims are forced to work as maids or gardeners - so of course the sex industry has trafficking also. 

Even where it's legal.  Amsterdam has legal prostitution - and there trafficking has become so bad the windows districts had started shutting one of their biggest tourist attractions down because of trafficking.  Not because of prostitutes or prostitution - but because of criminals who are attracted by the cash flowing as well as men who can be easily robbed and blackmailed.  One threat to expose them to their wives, or their employers, destroying their lives can be quite profitable for sex traffickers. 

We saw Eliot Spitzer's career ruined when it leaked out he was seeing an escort at one agency, while busting others as he was the District Attorney for New York.  While people talk about his frequenting of prostitutes - what is not spoken about was the fact he was arresting agencies other than the one he was frequenting.   He did in fact have to step down when this got leaked as Governor - and his wife did almost leave him.  True.  Stories like this scare men into not wanting the truth to come out about seeing prostitutes while they are married and/or in certain types of jobs. 

But he didn't come out half-bad what with being offered his own show on Fox from the whole thing now did he?  Also notice the story did not come out from law arresting him.  The story came out only after "someone leaked a portion of an undercover tape" with the phone calls between him and the escort  service. 

No charges were brought against him for anything despite the fact that he was arresting people from agencies other than the one supplying him with Ashlee Dupree - nor was any investigation done further into the fact the agency he was using was owned by a man who resided in Israel who was also running other "legitimate" business in this country while running an illegal escort service.  No other investigation was done to see if anyone else arrested while he was the District Attorney on any other type of charge might not have been done as part of acting as an "enforcer" for the escort service he was connected to. 

When I was part of a press conference in Nevada about trafficking in 2007 - the point of that conference was to let people know that legalization of prostitution does nothing to eliminate sex trafficking.  To prove that trafficking exists within the legal brothels of Nevada - I stepped out in front of a camera for the first time since 1992 to get the information out that trafficking did exist within the legal brothels as well.  Melissa Farley lied to the press when she took reporters that were at that press conference out into the hallway to tell them I was appearing there to "call for the sex industry to be outlawed". 

I was there to release the findings on the report about sex trafficking I'd helped Melissa Farley to write - and to discuss that trafficking in Nevada was present within the legal sex industry.  A fact that prostitutes at these brothels and their traffickers were being ignored in all the push to try and convince America that they can find trafficking victims at the Super Bowl or on Craigslist - and not in their own backyard. 

If you listen to Aubrey's story -  you will hear a woman speak about how her pimp drove her to work at the legal brothels of Nevada once the push started upon arresting "traffickers" because of his fear of being arrested for what he, and his father, were doing to Aubrey, and her children.  Once she became 18 years old and could get a license to work at the brothel - he packed her and the kids up and off to Nevada they went.  Where she would be forced by him to work at this brothel under the threat that he would either leave with the children that she'd lost because the courts viewed her now as a "prostitute" (legal or not that meant the courts awarded him legal custody because she was a "prostitute"), or when she got really antsy to leave - he started threatening her to put their young girls in child pornography if she didn't continue working at the brothel and giving him the money. 

So when we, and Aubrey, heard that Nevada was writing a bill to help trafficking victims in 2013 - she went to appear at the legislature to read a letter written on behalf of other women who had also been trafficked in Nevada, and within the legal sex industry there, about what they'd like to see happen so they could prosecute their traffickers.  

Because of the false perception that "trafficking" victims are only street prostitutes, and that "traffickers" are always pimps standing behind some street prostitute - women like her who were working within the "legal" sex industry - which included legal brothels, strip clubs, massage parlors, etc. - were not able to get their "trafficker" arrested.  Especially when their traffickers had law enforcement standing behind them as "enforcers" or even traffickers themselves as was shown to be true by the Chris Butler arrest out of California, and even the Kemp Schiffer, case also out of California where he used his IRS badge to traffic underage girls back and forth to Nevada.

She also had heard that George Flint, the Brothel Association Lobbyist, would be there at the same time as this trafficking bill, AB67, was holding hearings upon the bill, to ask the legislature to allow the legal brothels to expand into Las Vegas from the tiny counties they are restricted into.   Wanting them to also hear her speak about the working conditions inside of the brothels, and that they are unable to get anyone to even open a trafficking case against their pimps - she appeared at the Nevada legislature on February 20, 2013. 

As with all hearings - there are recordings done at every hearing over everything that's said.   I went and got a copy of the original tape from the hearings because I witnessed something right out of 1984 that day.  Aubrey read a letter to the legislature about what 100 of "us" (women who had been trafficked in Nevada, including within the legal sex industry of Nevada) wanted to see included in the  Bill AB67 that would actually help "us" prevent being trafficked, as well as what would help the victims to leave once trapped. 

After she read this letter, she objected to the Bill as it was written.  She explained why this bill would not help us.  After testifying against AB67 - she then saw every one of these 45 groups that we'd never heard of before that day, along with some people who claimed to also be trafficking victims who wouldn't even look her in the eye, let alone speak to either of us (they kept looking away from us like we didn't exist - and stayed far away from us so no pictures would be taken of us together), get up and herd out of the hearings. 

Then she went into the hearing with George Flint after all of the so called "abolition" groups had gone home.  Bravely she listened while George talked about how "safe" the brothels were, how no one caught any diseases, how they "protected" the women from pimps, etc.  Then she got up to state that everything George had just said was a complete lie.  The buzzers he spoke of weren't even connected to anything.  Even if they were - there was no security to call for help.  When the clients would hold her down to rape her anally - she couldn't even reach the buzzer even if there was security.  She also further said there was no cop to call when it was the cops who were coming in to drug her and then rape her while she was unconscious. 

Aubrey reported the health exams were a complete lie - only set up for the local cops to come pick up their bribe money and get laid.  Then she explained how the brothels would not pay the women directly - but made them sign contracts whereby they would only give the money to their pimps.  This way they never had any money to leave.  The laws forbid them to leave on foot, and there's no cabs in the counties where these brothels exist.  Without money, they can't hire a car to come get them from the nearest big city miles away.  Even the National Trafficking hotline will not only not send someone to come pick them up to get them out of the brothels physically - but also won't do anything unless there's charges filed.  Which were not being filed against the pimps of anyone in the legal brothels. 

When she was done - we had won  The senators listening to her story denied the brothels' request.  George had been fighting us for 20 years and was so angry he announced he was retiring from helping brothels that he has admitted he's never set foot inside of.   When we came out of the hearing - a reporter asked us about AB67.  We said we were "opposed". 

Another group that had been fighting against this bill was Jennifer Reed, of SWOP.   She told us that legislators had been promising her support for the opposition of this bill - as long as she did not join forces with us.   I had called her up and asked if Sex Workers Anonymous and SWOP could join forces to make a public protest of the bill.  I had told her how I had a large RV now - and I wanted to put up a banner on the RV and go out into the streets lobbying against the bill but needed help to do so.

She told me that she wanted to do this "her way" and that she had the "word" of the legislators that they were going to win their opposition of the bill - as long as she didn't partner with, or associate with, us in any way, shape or fashion.  They told her that I had been branded as "crazy" and that it would just "hurt their public image" to be associated with someone like myself.  I guess that fact that this "crazy" person had been winning against the brothels since the 1980's, and even that day itself, had escaped her logic. 

I'd also be willing to bet that if we had taken the RV and driven through the streets of all of Nevada with banners on it and shouting our opposition to AB67 - I doubt the media would have been able to falsely reported that "no one opposed the bill" when it was over. 

I had other members of SWA who wanted to testify but were unwilling to go into the hearings where they would be photographed.  I asked the legislature if they would let these women appear by telephone, or video, or Skype, or in some fashion were they could speak their mind without putting their face on camera for all posterity.  They refused to help us find these objectors any accommodation.  

When I spoke on social media about their response to Aubrey's letter and testimony to people like Assemblymen John Hambrick who was making quite a public show about being "for" trafficking victims, especially when it came to getting "contributions", but had yet refused to even look Aubrey in the eye or speak to her when she was sitting next to him at the legislature reading the letter from us - he denied he spoke to her or heard the letter.  When I reminded him I had a copy of the DVD of the day and that we had proof he had, and the video showed them speaking together  - he then blocked me.  In fact, the only person who even acknowledged we had even been there was Ed Pearce.  A reporter who also falsely claimed that there was "no opposition" to the bill. 

So on top of everyone acting like we weren't even in the room that day - we saw the news also acting like we weren't there also.  Why?  Because our story from our mouths about what trafficking is, who the criminals are, what we need to see done to help us - is not what some very big, powerful, wealthy people in this country want us to be saying. 

I spent 20 years of my life, a fortune in cash money out as well as lost work, and Jeane Palfrey even died so that we could convince the world that sex trafficking did exist, and that even Americans are being trafficked.  We were told we were "crazy" back then and that "things like that just don't exist".  We were scorned, laughed at, attacked, threatened, ridiculed - so I know the game well because I've lived it since 1987 to get people to believe that trafficking exists in the first place.

Only now that people believe it exists - now there's a battle to define what is is and how it works.  One of the leaders in mass media that's trying to control what you, American citizens, think trafficking really consists of is Relativity Media, or Relativity TV, headed by Tom Forman.   Not one of these "fake" survivors, and "fake" rescuers, "fake" programs", and even "fake" sex workers ever appeared until 2007.  There was no point then.  But once we got federal recognition it exists - now the battle is on to try and explain what it is and how it operates. 

What better way than to create a whole fake show about what it is.  One of those shows was "Gigolo's" produced by Relativity Media and aired by Showtime.  Everything was "fake" from the men acting like male prostitutes, to the clients.  I want everyone to ask themselves something very seriously here for a moment.  If you ran a dance studio - would you hire Diesel to be your partner to enter into a professional dance contest?  A man with no formal dance training and where dancers' professional reputation, as well as the reputation for your whole studio, would fall upon the shoulders of a man who wasn't even an instructor?  

The only man I did see on the show that I believe was in fact "real" - got so disgusted with the show that he quit.  But my point being is that here are men showing up for the camera not talking about any of the "real" problems that someone who is working in the "real" sex industry in Nevada is dealing with on a day to day basis.  The fact that Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Hof and Joe Richards are running all over the world bilking investors into a "male only" brothel out of millions of dollars all the while neither Joe nor Heidi can even get a license because they're felons, and that local residents are in huge opposition to such a brothel - that isn't getting any press at all.

How do I know the men are actors?  Sex Workers Anonymous reaches out to people in the industry.  We let them know when they are ready to "retire" or if they ever run into any problems, that we are here to help them.  I also partner with people who are still in the industry to help those who need help to escape a pimp routinely.  So the bigger the network, the more help our members can get when they need help to get out of the situation and to safety.  Which means even if these guys don't need help to leave a pimp - they are going to want to retire one day and they might be able to help another member in crisis to get to safety.  So when I reached out to make connections to these guys - that's when I got told "April's fools" we're not even male hookers. 

Since 1987 - I've been on every TV show about this subject.  I've been called for quotes on any article on the subject.  Every reporter over 30 years of age knows me as a resource on stories on the subject of prostitution and/or trafficking.  So when shows like MSNBC start doing a show called "Sex Slaves" in every major city - I went to the producers to offer to help.  They not only refused - they were quite hostile.  That didn't make any sense to me. 

So I watched the show - and took notes as to the programs they were showing as well as the "survivors" they were showing.  I then set out to make contact with the people this station felt was more important to include than ours.  One by one I learned they were all fake.  Fake, fake, fake, fake.  When I'd go to warn others in the field something was "fishy" about this group or person - I'm painted as "attacking people".  When I'm seeing people take money away from real programs and real victims and real work - then damn right I'm going to blow the whistle. 

Only I'm learning people outside of our industry aren't listening because there's a bigger agenda involved here.  Because it's not Showtime that's behind this when Bravo starts to air a show with Anne Lobert running around the strip talking to prostitutes in hotel lobbies claiming that's an "outreach".  So we did manage to get her show taken down after only one episode - and then of course she tells everyone what a big "meanie" I am for stopping her from defrauding more people. 

Thinking that maybe all of this "fakery" is because "real" programs aren't allowing production companies to film "real" trafficking and "real" situations - I put on my thinking cap and I figure out a way we can do a "true" reality series against a "real" trafficking operation and put that on air.  I go to our "celebrity spokeswoman" who had done our PSA's back in the 1980's and I ask her if she'll host our show.  She agrees. 

I go to a friend of mine who has been filming, editing and directing for 30 years in Hollywood and I ask him if he'll help me produce the show and do the editing.  He agrees.  I get some cameras we can use for filming - and we relocate out to Los Angeles so we can start filming.  I even talked to Desert Cinema Productions who had worked with Lisa Ling.  Their producer said she wanted to do a "real" show about "real trafficking" and let me know she also had cameramen who could go undercover and film.  They told me they would come out and do filming once they wrapped up some shooting in NY.

Only the big three hits.  It's always one of the three. They always threaten, or bribe, or just brand us "crazy" so we're dismissed.  First, our celebrity spokeswoman was threatened.  She's in her 70's and lives alone and she was threatened so badly she's even scared to come near me anymore even for coffee.  That's after having been her friend for 30 years now. 

The director/editor - was offered a juicy job with a studio and his short film got placed "on demand" with a major cable network.  So he got bribed into shutting me completely off from any help.  I should have known when he told me he had Richard Greco on speed dial we were going to have a problem!  He was executive producer on "Gigolo's".  Then the production company in NY starts telling me that "I'm crazy" and she's not coming out to film after all.

I go ahead trying to find help for the real victim I'm calling "Music".  I am knocking on doors of everyone trying to get her help.  Help is possible because Donald Burns got help.  When he got a blackmail threat identical to the ones many other men are getting all over the country right now at the hands of this trafficking ring - he got a cop to set up the prostitute, Teofil Brank, that was delivering the threat and have him arrested. 

But what about the ring behind Teofil Brank?  Not a peep out of anyone about that despite the male prostitute saying this ring delivered Donald Burns young male prostitutes who were underage.  The arrest clippings said there was a "gun found in his car" at the time of arrest.  But I have yet to hear if the gun was registered to the prostitute legally or not.  Knowing LAPD - I'd be willing to bet it's one of their "burner" guns they keep when they want to make sure an arrest sticks.  Considering he can't get bail because of that gun - I tend to wonder even harder.

Because this is what I see happening.  Low man on the totem pole - Teofil Brank's get arrested.  The ring behind him that's trafficking young boys?  I'm not hearing anything in the media about anyone getting arrested are you? 

Neither can I get anyone to help "Music" and the other victims of this trafficking ring that are not just running prostitutes all over this country, but again blackmailing the johns just like Donald Burns was blackmailed.  Not just for money either - but sometimes for information.  Sometimes it's to affect Wall Street, or a huge corporation, like we heard about with the CEO of Glaxo Pharmaceuticals and the "Chinese prostitutes".  We don't know what Steve Sassa, the ex-CEO of Hearst Publishing Media was being threatened with.  But I do know this - every single publication of the Hearst media empire has refused to run one story mentioning our name or anything to do about the real story behind what trafficking really is, how it operates, nor who the real criminals are.

When I saw the show on A&E "8 Minutes" with this man Kevin Brown as it's "great white savior" of these "poor victims" that had started filming last year by Relativity Media - NOW I know why I can't get ANYONE to speak to me about this real case of trafficking.  Because it conflicts with the agenda being portrayed to all of us in this show.   Look I could care less what Tom Forman shoots for TV.  I could care less what airs on TV about prostitution.   You'll notice I never objected to "Gigolo's" before now.  That's because it was not actively barring me from helping someone until this show now is.  The only time I get involved and I care and I raise up a stink - is when REAL VICTIMS ARE BEING HARMED

Which is what's happening right now.  I don't care if Tom Forman wants to claim little green aliens are taking over the earth falsely.  But when I realize that I haven't been able to get anyone in authority to talk to me about these women who are being trafficked right now because they don't want to conflict with the story being told on this show - well then we got a problem.  When I can't get the truth out about trafficking - because he's got an agenda to fill America's heads with a bunch of hot air about what trafficking really is - then I got a problem. 

When I have a reporter named Mary Emily O'Hara call me up before she prints an article in the Daily Dot and when I tell her there's a bigger story that she needs to tell the public about, and when I tell her that Sex Workers Anonymous had offered this woman Kamllya who had claimed to be on the show help to get a job, not be deported, and with her legal case - but she reports on some imaginary sex workers as coming to her rescue who she hasn't even verified as even being real and makes no mention even of our phone call at all like we don't even exist - well then I'd like you to see for yourself what she wrote - and what my response was to her, her publishers, and to the public about the issue of "8 Minutes" being a fraud:

Since they will probably delete my comments - here is my response to the Daily Dot article:

One is not "paranoid" when they really are out to get you.  Last night (May 3, 2015), someone came to my front door knocking.  However, I live in a remote location for deliberate reasons.  My car is parked next to a window by my front door so that I can see it at all times.  For a few days now men have been "wandering" into my yard by my car.  When they have realized they were being watched - they have left. 

Then the knock on the door.  When I refused to answer - the man discharged a gun into the air as a threat.  I have signs all over my front door that state a warning that I am videotaping 24/7.  I've had to do that, and put my car by my door, because of past attempts on my life and my daughter's.  Which means I now have a videotape of this event happening.  I'm not however going to turn it over to law enforcement just yet. 

I will state this - I have checked the laws in the state I am in and if anyone enters my home I have the legal right to blow them away.  I have a legal firearm and will not hesitate if this happens.  I get a yearly exam by a reputable psychiatrist (head of the board actually) who has stated in black and white that I am "sane".  I do this because there are people who keep calling up reporters, pretending to be me and pulling crazy stunts, calling up anyone in this field who they know is talking to me - and they tell them that I'm "crazy".  It's become so predictable that we had a friend of mine pretend he was just meeting me online to see if he would then get "the phone call" from someone who would be "warning him I was insane" which came.  That's how predictable its become. 

Why?  When you have a trail of dead people behind the very issue I'm trying to bring to light - one has to live this way in order to continue to be heard. Because I'm not hearing anyone ask the obvious question which is "why was this show staged in the first place?"  Why go to all the trouble and expense to stage a whole show on a major network that is being billed a "reality TV" when it's all fake? 

Why not have it be actual "reality TV" about the sex industry?  Back in 1987 when I first stepped onto that first talk show stage to tell people that sex trafficking was "real" and not an "urban myth" and was really happening today and to American women - I had people saying I was "insane" then.  I brought on to those shows one witness after the other after the other - only we kept being rebuffed from being believed, and getting federal recognition, by people saying we "had no proof".  To help us get that proof Larry Flynt offered $1,000,000 for anyone who had "proof" it was real, and that our own people were involved.

So twenty years after I started the crusade for recognition - these same men who came to me and asked me to sell them women who would disappear into other countries for their oil and political deals and when I refused, arrested me - came to Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam and asked her to sell our women.  She refused and she was arrested.  Rather than take the plea bargain - she wanted that $1,000,000 Larry Flynt offered.  So she kept her case open and released to us her "Black Book".  ABC tried to deny anything was in it at first.  But the Smoking Gun released some of the names such as David Vitter and Randall Tobias.

Then people came to me from the State Dept (of which Randall Tobias belonged) and said if I would cooperate in preparing a report that this was in fact "real" we would get our federal recognition.  I did.  We gave a press conference about it here in September of 2007 (  Then two months later, Shared Hope took that report, took out all references to myself or to Sex Workers Anonymous or Prostitutes Anonymous (despite the fact research of that time period had interviews thanking Prostitutes Anonymous for their recovery published by Sharon Oselin) and re-released it.  I contacted people interviewed whose interviews were in their report verbatim - and they said they had not spoken to Shared Hope.  Shared Hope redated that report to appear to have been released in April of 2007 despite the news about it appearing in November of 2007.  Why?  Welcome to 1984.

Because now that the government can't escape admitting that sex trafficking is real - now the question becomes "what is it?"  To hide the voices of real survivors of it - they had to create "fake" victims to speak about it.  Somaly Mam, Chong Kim, Rachel Moran, Ben Hillier, Stella Marr, etc.   Who have now not only been exposed as either completely fake people - or as frauds - but even arrested as Ben was because it's a crime to impersonate a veteran in order to raise money. 

In each one of these cases - we've found not only the same people behind these frauds - but it's also always the same lies.  The lie that prostitution is trafficking.  When MSNBC created the series "Sex Slaves" in each major city - they tried to lie to America and say that "prostitution" is "trafficking".  They even had a woman they just arrested telling the camera - no I'm not a trafficking victim - I'm a prostitute.  When their husbands or boyfriends came to bail these women out - the cameraman said "you're a trafficker".  To which they've said "no I'm not - I'm her husband". 

The sex industry has revolted.  Proud sex workers everywhere are creating social media to speak out to say "I'm not a victim - I'm a sex worker".  Men and women are now donning red t-shirts saying "not a victim - not a crime" to appear at legislature meetings on trafficking.  They're being silenced, thrown out of the hearings, but they're being heard.

Sex Workers Anonymous is the oldest and largest program of which BOTH belong.   We have ex-sex workers and we have ex-victims.  Why?  Because trafficking exists in any industry.  Whether it's manufacturing, farming, hotels, food, even private homes with maids - trafficking exists.  It exists in Amsterdam where prostitution is legal.  Not because of the prostitutes - but because of criminals  So much so that Amsterdam had to shut down the windows district in 2007.  In Australia where sex work is legal - traffickers are undercutting the legal prostitutes.  We have members there who tell me they used to get $3,000 to go out to the mines to service the workers.  However, traffickers are bringing in Asian and Russian women who will live there and do the job for $50 - so they're being undercut by victims of trafficking.

So the question isn't "does it exist" anymore.  It does.  When we got recognition finally in 2007 - it took me a while to understand this movement to try and write us out of the debate.  Push us away from the table.  As I started calling people on these shows like the NBC show - I learned they were fake.  As I called the 45 groups that appeared out of thin air in Nevada to support AB67 I'd never heard of before - I learned they were all fake also.  We were there in opposition - but the media claimed the bill had "unanimous support".  I went to a reporter at the Review Journal who had been there 12 years to tell him we were being denied in the media - and that these groups were all fake.  He called me crazy for a few weeks also - until I convinced him to go look for himself.   When he did - he called me back "they're all fake".  I said "that's what I've been telling you".  Now write about it I said.  He said he would - only an article came out with his name on it validating these groups were in fact real.  When I asked him why he did that - he said "he didn't".  The article was printed with his name attached.  As a journalist - he got angry.  He and the photographer who took the only picture of me taken in 21 years went to the publisher and threatened if an article about the truth did not appear - they would walk.  They were fired.  Every reporter I speak to about this that knows the truth - is either fired or keeps their job by remaining silent.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to help victims escape men like Chris Butler. Chris was a cop for 20 years in California.  After he retired - he became a private investigator.  He would get drugs from top awarded cops from the evidence lockers and resell them.  They used cop cars that wouldn't be stopped for transport of the guns - and the victims.  Other cops told me they were too scared to do anything to stop what was happening.   So we had no choice but to continue to help these women escape from cops.  Finally - the only way we got him stopped and the story came to light was when one of his own agents got a reporter to print the story.

Some cops felt empowered by seeing this done.  When Paul Tanaka shot an unarmed man - two cops brought charges against him.  The witness was put in "protective custody" which I've been saying since 1984 is "not safe".  Sure enough - the man "disappeared" in the jail for 3 days.  When the FBI sent in an agent to find the victim - two cops went to her home and threatened to arrest her.  The two cops also were receiving death threats at their homes.  The one cop who smuggled a phone to this witness so he could call for help and saved his life - was fined.   The US Attorney in the case was made a judge.  Paul Tanaka is now mayor of Gardena.  And the beat goes on.

I had a victim of trafficking, not a prostitute, but a victim, reach out to me for help.  She said the LAPD had filed two phony prostitution cases against her.  Then an article appeared in the paper from a Pasadena officer in that precinct who was bragging he could "manufacture a murder case against anyone if he wanted to".  They were threatening to deport her and harm her son if she didn't cooperate.  We hired an attorney to expunge her fake cases.  He ordered the booking tape - only instead of getting the tape - he got a threat from an attorney and an officer.  He walked. 

I went to speak to the victim again - only I got threatened with a stalking charge if I tried to speak to her.  I tried to speak to her son and also got the same threat.  When I went to the police chief with a copy of the tape of the phone call making these threats against me - he ignored me.  I went to the city council - who have their own problems since $6 million dollars is missing from their budget.  I then went from the police, to the city attorney, the district attorney, and then the CA US Attorney' office.  They told me they "needed more money" to do anything "against a ring of this size".  I pointed out under the RICO laws - they did not.  When I pushed on her for action - she responded with an announcement she's not only bailing to run for senate - but she put up a request for campaign contributions.  I know when someone is saying they're available to the highest bidder.  Especially when the man who broke the lawsuit against her for supposedly burning homeowners records who had their homes fraudulently and illegally taken by BofA has also disappeared.  No one is investigating.

As I'm trying to get help to get arrests against the heads of an operation who are flying women in from China to staff massage parlors that are advertised not on Backpage, but on Rubmaps, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder and 100 other sites but Backpage - suddenly there's a witchhunt against Backpage.

Only Backpage isn't where the traffickers are.  Backpage is where people like this woman are - broke unemployed women trying to feed their kids by having sex or blowjobs or whatever the client wants for cash.   When Heidi Fleiss was fleecing investors out of millions by trying to convince them she was going to use the money to open a "man's brothel" and trying to convince everyone a straight male brothel would work, and also that she could open it when she couldn't because she's a convicted felon who can't get a brothel license in the first place - suddenly "Gigolo's" appears on TV to try and sell America the idea these men make a living by being "straight" prostitutes.  Only when the news started to spread then that the female clients were actors, and the men were also actors - suddenly it's silenced.  I went to these men as I always do because that's what Sex Workers Anonymous does - we reach out to people in the industry and let them know we are here when they need help.  Only the men confess to me there's no need as they're just actors.  Why?  Why lie about what male prostitutes do?  Because Heidi and Dennis and Joe Richards were getting a lot of money from investors they were selling this fantasy idea about such a brothel to - that's why.

Then Annie Lobert pops up in 2009 right after Jeane Palfrey joined the string of women found hung in connection with David Vitter.  I can note at least three now - there was Brandy Britton, the New Orleans Madam who serviced him and now Jeane.  The night before she was going to give a press conference to reveal Dick Chaney's name she tells me the day before - she's now found out in the shed supposedly hung.  Only if it was a suicide - why send cops after me to threaten me into silence after her death?  After calling the Florida detective in Jeane's case and threatening to go on Geraldo with the truth about Jeane - I had a Nevada small town judge sign a warrant that I had impersonated myself when I'd purchased take-out food with a fake debit card in my name.  I had five cop cars and a drug dog showing up at my house at 5 am demanding "proof" I was even myself.  When they got done searching the house for something illegal to arrest me over and found none - they tried to have CPS take my kid.  They had tossed my house into a mess.  Then they told CPS that it "wasn't fit for a child" to be in such a mess.  Only CPS gave me four hours to clean it up.  When they came back - the house was clean.  Then they tried to get my landlord to press charges against me.  When he refused - they said they'd "be back".  I didn't wait around for that round - I left town immediately.  So if Jeane did kill herself - why come after me like that?

But Annie is filming a show for Bravo claiming she's doing "outreach for trafficking victims".  Only she's going onto the strip and talking to prostitutes. She's holding fund raisers for a house she's calling "Destiny House".  They even release a news clipping that the house opened.  I go to the house with four real victims and ask them to be placed. That's when everyone confesses to me there is no house.  There is no program. I go to the NV US Attorney who tells me they aren't going to stop the fund raisers for two reasons.  It allows them to get federal money that goes to local services - not victims.  They also get federal dollar matching for every dollar raised fraudulently - so I can go piss off.  I go to the FCC and other reporters such as the one who did get fired - but we get the word out that it's all a fraud.  Annie's show was taken down after one episode aired.  The same people were behind her by the way as all the frauds. 

So when this woman calling herself "Kamylla" on the A&E show tells me "everyone in the rescue industry hates you" I said "thank you".  Just because something is big - doesn't mean it's real. 

Let me explain more about what I mean by something "appearing big".  Remember, I watched as supposedly 45 "abolition groups" piled onto a bus and drove people who one by one got up at the NV Legislature and voiced support for AB67.   However, not one of those groups was in fact "real" other than one paper.  They might even have a "real" group - but none of them had anything to do with Nevada sex trafficking nor it's victims.  Such as "Congo Justice".  They ran films about trafficking in the Congo.  They talked about trafficking in the Congo.  So yes that might all be real - for the Congo.  While they're talking about trafficking in the Congo - what's not being talked about is TRAFFICKING IN NEVADA. 

Trafficking in Nevada's massage parlors, strip clubs, and even the legal brothels.  Which they don't want talked about.  When Bob Herbert came out to Las Vegas to meet me for himself, see our work for himself, and check out my statements for himself - he went out to a randomly picked strip club.  He then wrote about finding a woman in 15 minutes who told him about only being in that club because she had no way out of there home.  Bob reported her put her onto a plane and sent her home - and validated my claim that "trafficking was so rampant you could throw a rock and hit  a victim".  In return for his printing the truth however - then Mayor Oscar Goodman threatened him with a "baseball bat to the head" if Bob were to "ever set foot in Las Vegas again".   So to avoid anyone talking about trafficking in "Nevada" - they had 45 groups up there supporting this bill and not talking about what Nevada trafficking is nor having "real" survivors speak up either.  I could have had 45 survivors of Nevada testifying - but the legislature refused to make any accommodations for anyone to testify without showing their face on camera. 

Right now CAASE has a letter protesting the show supposedly signed by 100 groups. Only from what I can tell many of those groups that don't exist.  I took a random name from there "Mia Smith".  I typed in the name, then the name with the word "trafficking" and got nothing. 

I got suspicious when these people are protesting the show as if it's real.  The first time I saw the show all I could think of was how these women were not "trafficking victims" for one thing despite the fact I heard them calling "victims" (not "alleged" not "suspected") over 10 times within the first five minutes of the show.  Then I notice that no one is "screening" this guy Kevin Brown.  That's a red flag something is suspicious also.  If he was calling a "real" escort service or prostitute - they'd be asking to see his rental car papers, along with a copy of his airplane ticket since he's calling from a hotel.  Yet no one asked him for this.  Most real prostitutes aren't going to go to a hotel unless they see these papers.  If this was a trafficking ring operation  - they'd be insisting they wouldn't send anyone out to him unless he'd been "screened" through the services they use.  These screening services always insist you have sex with their "testers" before they'll approve you.  They also get your ID, work information, and even your social security number.  This way if you disappear with their women - they're going to know right where to come back to find you.   So I'm looking at this CAASE letter - and I'm asking myself "why are they acting like this show is really real when any ex-sex worker, especially a survivor, would be able to see there's something very wrong with the show itself. 

But the majority of the people that comprise CAASE aren't "real" survivors.  The people behind CAASE are the same people who were behind Project Rose, Division 17, and 8 other states that were running programs like Project Rose I can't remember their names off the top of my head.

I wasn't asked to have Sex Workers Anonymous sign this letter.  Yes they hate me because I've threatened them with lawsuits recently.  Why?  In order to get federal funding for these programs such as Project Rose, Division 17, etc. - they had to have a "program".  What they did  to create a "program" was they set up Prostitutes Anonymous meetings for these women to attend.  Of course they not only refused to allow men and transgenders to attend these meetings they were claiming to be meetings of the program I founded  (remember I created it as Prostitutes Anonymous in 1987 - changing the name to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995 because of the internet but still retaining al rights to the name since we had meetings that were still meeting under the old name).   They did not have any of our "real" members chairing these meetings.  They were not using our literature, nor even our Recovery Guide (like having an AA meeting run by an intern without a Big Book there). 

More important however than anything was how they were doing "outreach" for these "faux" Prostitutes Anonymous meetings.   Setting up these meetings without my consent to use my name or intellectual property - they were arresting women off the streets and forcing them to attend a "program" which meant our meetings.   So they were pulling women off the street - then telling them they would be arrested if they didn't attend these Prostitutes Anonymous meetings.   They were charging these women money to attend even on top of everything else which we just don't do.  When I would confront them about holding meetings of our program without my consent - they would deny they were and then threaten the woman who had called us with something. 

So in violation of my copyrights and trademarks - they were leading people to believe that our program was a part of this horrible violation of a womans' rights. (yes they are both mine).  Once I got proof that wasn't dependent upon some poor prostitute who was going to be locked up if we used her as a witness - I threatened these people with an injunction and a copyright and trademark violation.  Now before I could sue - I was told they had dropped using our meetings.   I had not asked them to do that however.   My letter stated that they had to either "comply with our guidelines which means using our literature in meetings representing to be Prostitutes Anonymous" and also our outreach guidelines which meant that no one would be "forced" to attend these meetings, also that "anyone that was male, female or transgender be allowed to attend" the meetings - or if they weren't going to run them like ours are run - then they had to "cease and desist" or I'd file charges.  They chose to drop the meetings rather than comply. 

One of the ways we heard about our meetings being used at Project Rose was when Monica Jones protested.  Then they told her if she stayed away from us and joining forces with us - they would not deport her.  Only once I slapped them with a "cease and desist" from using our name and threatened criminal charges over where the money they collected fraudulently is going - they deported her. 

They bought her off with a "documentary" that I have yet to see.  The same as for Brenda Myers-Powell who they bought off her cooperation also with a "documentary" that I think 100 people have seen.   So when this "Kamylla" woman told me "the rescue industry people sure hate you" I wanted to thank her.  Because people in the so called "rescue" industry are people like those connected to CAASE.   They are acting like they're doing something to help us purely for their own financial agenda - as well as to further their political and religious goals off exploiting us.  Anyone who exploits us for money and gives nothing back - is not someone I want to be "liking" me.  That to me would be the same as a "pimp" liking me.  I don't need to be accepted by people who are acting just like pimps - only with a disguise on of trying to help us no different than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Because now after all these years of people trying to silence us that trafficking is real - now it's about "what is it?"  Which is the MINUTE we got federal recognition for this being real - these people swooped in and hijacked this movement so they can try and control what people think "it is".  Now we know it's real - now the "what" is it is what they're trying to control. 

Since I, and the members of SWA, have been saying it's men in law enforcement, and politicians, and judges, and others such as Daniel Bogden started to bravely expose when he did the "G Sting" arrests while he was the NV US Attorney - they have to try and silence us.  With articles like appear above that mention nothing about us even existing.  Then when I come and post the truth - the writer tells me I need to "seek professional help" for trying to tell you, the readers, the truth.

The truth is the traffickers are not on Backpage.  Their "competitors" are.  The "rogues", the "independents", the sex workers who do not have pimps/traffickers are on Backpage.  Those on Backpage are simply like this woman - they are unemployed single moms trying to feed their kids.  They are not being trafficked.  They aren't even being pimped because they aren't doing this full-time.  They're just trying to get food or rent and then they want to go on to something else outside of sex work.  They don't want to have someone over them controlling their lives and their work - so they are trying to work 'independently" of the pimps and traffickers using the internet for their advertising.  

When they do - what happens to them is what happened in this story. They get arrested.  Then they're told if they don't become part of the ring - they will either get them deported, or thrown in jail for five years like they did Sharnel Silvey, or worse they'll just straight up kill them and anyone who tries to help them escape. 

Like they did Buffalo Jim in Vegas.  Women would run over to his wrestling school for escape and they'd wait there until I could come and get them out of state to safety.  The day Rick Rizzolo was released from prison - he left a death threat on Jim's car.  That night the video footage shows him checking into a hotel with a hooker.  The thing that wasn't allowed by me to say on the news - was that he was giving her a place to stay for the night until we could arrange for her to leave the state.  He checked into the room for her so her name couldn't be traced.   Then enough GHB was found in his system to kill 10 men.  That's not a recreational drug.  It is however the drug that Rick used to drug patrons of the strip club he owned, where he would then max out their credit cards.

Like they did to Buffalo Jim in Vegas any time someone tries to help someone escape the operation.  Women would run over to his wrestling school for escape and they'd wait there until I could come and get them out of state to safety.  The day Rick Rizzolo was released from prison - he left a death threat on Jim's car.  That night the video footage shows him checking into a hotel with a hooker.  The thing that wasn't allowed by me to say on the news - was that he was giving her a place to stay for the night until we could arrange for her to leave the state.  This woman had come to him with a fake cry for help to which he responded. Sadly in this case she was lying to lure him into that room that night.
He checked into the room for her so her name couldn't be traced because these people can trace you when you check into hotels in five minutes under your own name. Then enough GHB was found in his system to kill 10 men.  That's not a recreational drug. 

It is however the drug that Rick used to drug patrons of the strip club he owned, where he would then max out their credit cards.  When the customer would complain to the club, they'd be threatened. When they would go to the police = Doug Gillispie would not do anything. He's now stepped down amidst corruption charges in connection with Lee Baca, chief of police in Los Angeles, who was chief during this thing with Tanaka and Chris Butler. When they'd go to the DA for help – they'd find David Schubert who was found dead last year supposedly from a drug overdose in his home. We learned how high up the corruption went again when Daniel Bogden did the “G Sting” arrests. When I would try to go to Internal Affairs in Nevada – I was told for years there was “no budget” for the office.

Until then a typist, Karen Hughes, was put in charge of Vice, also then on the Internal Affairs office, and the board for the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force. So that now when anyone like a reporter tries to speak to anyone in Nevada about what I'm saying – they are promptly told “oh Jody is crazy. Just ignore her”.  If you google every news report out of Nevada about sex trafficking that also does not mention our group or my name - you'll see Lt. Karen Hughes quote despite her being very aware we exist.   Which in my opinion - when she tells news reporters that "no programs exist in Nevada" and I have proof she knew quite well about us - that's a form of lying.  This is NOT just personal against us either.  Because I know Karen is also aware of Children of the Night - yet she also states that "no programs exist".  So she doesn't just deny our group and me - but also Lois Lee and Children of the Night.  So it's not just me - Lois has nothing to do with SWA.  Lt. Hughes is lying to the media period.  The black and white of her stories all acting like we don't exist and CON doesn't exist - proves I'm not crazy when I say to the media - that the Nevada media is deliberately leaving our name out of press when they know I exist because they wrote about us in for the 2007 press conference.  So the reports themselves prove I'm not "being paranoid" when they really do lie!  

I suppose then I imagined “Operation Dollhouse”.  This was the last time we were able to get a reporter brave enough to listen to us about how a “real” trafficking ring operates. They pushed the police they were doing a “ride along” with to “make an arrest”. Which they did – and found 24 women and baggies of drugs – and magically also caught two police officers on the premises who claimed they “thought they were in a legitimate massage parlor” in a private home with mattresses on the floor. They claimed the “cab driver took them there”. You'd think they'd just pull the tape out of the cab to prove this claim. Only we now see that even the owner of the cab company in Nevada was corrupt also.  (One also has to drive by massage parlors on literally every corner - sometimes 4 to a corner - in order to get from the airport to the massage parlors where these two cops claim they wound up "by mistake".  Some of these parlors have very large signs.  So anyone who knows how Nevada is up doesn't buy these cops were "there by mistake".)

They couldn't pull out a copy of the tape from the cab to prove they asked the driver "where to go"  - because I'm sure the tape was removed to make sure no one found out the conversation that "really" happened.  I first learned the cab company was involved and controlled by the traffickers after they trashed my car and our outreach RV.

We tried taking cabs, having cab drivers give us referrals, and using cabs to help us with our “rescues”. Only one day one of the cab drivers came to me and offered me a lot of money to open up an escort service in Las Vegas.  I thought that was strange because he knew I ran SWA. 

When I refused the offer – then suddenly not only did he stop speaking to me but every driver who would help us in the past got fired. The rest were told they would be “fired if they helped” us in any way. I know because many tried to keep working those jobs without getting involved. One man came to me and said he had started drinking to try and cope with driving for these victims to their “jobs” and not calling us to come help – but the drinking was now affecting his liver. He said he couldn't do anything to help us – so all he could do was quit driving a cab. We had to stop taking cabs also.

­So I rented a car for a while because I couldn't afford to buy one. That was until I got pulled over by six cops with guns pulled on me and my daughter as I was driving her to surgery. We didn't argue and came out of the car with our hands up quietly. The police then called in to find out why two women like us were in a car reported stolen by the rental company.

I kept insisting they call the rental company before taking us to jail. Thankfully one female cop did just that. She came back and told the officers the company was saying they didn't report the car stolen and that our bill was paid. That confused the officers quite a bit – but at least they let us go home without hauling us off to the police station. Especially when they saw how sick my daughter was who was in a blanket and house shoes because we were on our way to surgery for her. Not exactly looking like car stealers. Since they put GPS devices in rental cars – that's when I learned I can't use a rental car anymore. Especially not if someone is going to hack into the system, report the car stolen, and then I almost get shot and almost carted off to jail where I'd be held for three days until they could figure out what this cop figured out in one phone call thank God. I'm also not crazy when I got a copy of the police report also when this happened.

­This show “8 Minutes” is showing you how “real” trafficking works by trying to defraud you America into thinking that prostitution is trafficking. Everything they're doing – including trying to act like we don't even exist, sweep away our stories by saying I'm “crazy” - because that's what all predators do when their victims try and tell the story of what happened. The only thing is I am not “Sex Workers Anonymous”. I'm only the person that answers the phone and speaks our stories out in public. We have 1,000's of members who have been joining us since 1987 – who ask me to speak for them because they have jobs and children to protect. I'm not just speaking my story – but I'm trying to speak for women like “Music” who is being TRAPPED BY RING AS WE SPEAK.

­In the meantime, you don't realize how “they” really operate what with all this "fake" media hitting the air waves.  I first I thought "oh it's entertainment - who cares if it's accurate" and just turn the channel.  The problem was the more I kept turning the channel - the more I'm getting people calling me up thinking what they're seeing on TV is real.
Because while all of this media on TV is trying to convince you that a prostitutes' husband or boyfriend or even the driver who is taking her to the call is the “big bad trafficker” - the truth that most of the real traffickers are actually law enforcement, officials, politicians, attorney's, even realty companies that launder the money, are operating without a hitch.   Which is becoming harder and harder to get people to understand when they're seeing shows like "Gigolo's" where these guys are meeting for breakfast for their "business meetings" and no one is talking about having to put up protection for themselves up against the cops wanting their hand out, or the cops who are wanting hem to "join the ring", or some cop who is arresting them because they wouldn't appear at one of "their" clubs, etc. 

­In fact, these "real" traffickers who also are wearing a badge or have some office within the government - and are sitting right next to you at those church meetings, or trafficking meetings, and taking donations from you just as we witnessed again with Kevin Brown and this show. Because that's what's happening right now – these churches are having meetings where they put up the “fake” victims' and the “fake documentaries” and then they get donations from you, get you to rule against Backpage in lawsuits, get you to sign up on Bills against Backpage – and also don't realize that you're giving up your rights and free speech in the process.  Do you know why we objected to AB67?  Most people don't because most people HAVEN'T READ IT.  It's insane - it allows them to listen into our "phone and oral conversations" for one thing.  Ask yourself - does this even define what "sex trafficking is" for them to even start this process?   How would you like to be attending the Adult Video Awards (AVN) and have them stick a plant on your phone or oral conversations?  Then to have that used against you without even a hearing or even charges filed?  I mean READ THIS BILL and tell me exactly how you think this not only helps trafficking victims - but tell me how this helps victims such as Aubrey at the legal brothels please. 

This bill, and the ones I'm seeing being pushed in other states right now, is taken right out of the Hitler handbook too. Because he got control over the media by going after the pornographers. That way he could spew out his lies and hate and blame against the Jewish people and his stories – all without being countered or opposed. 

Backpage is published by the Village Voice – a LGBT publication. Because another constant in these “fake” campaigns is that trafficking victims are always straight women. They aren't.  Which means while most of America is believing these sex trafficking Is"real" I'm having to explain why it's a problem that the Salvation Army "safe houses" are accepting lesbians, transgenders, and men. 

Again pointing to the show "8 Minutes" - we see nothing but women needing help as "victims".  Yet on the "Gigolo" show we're seeing empowered business men who aren't at all "victims" and therefore don't need such assistance.  So how am I supposed to be explaining to America we have a problem here when they're not learning from these shows what the reality is now what they're seeing.  I mean did you see these men on the "Gigolo's" show being called onto an appointment where the person on the other side was saying "the victim is in the driveway? like they did for "8 Minutes"?  No you won't because the producers aren't creating the shows to carry "our" voices - but the voices of the agenda they're promoting.    

Real victims of trafficking can be male and female and transgender. They aren't always Christian either. They are Buddhist, and Muslim, and pagan and some are even atheist. Some are over 50. Most of these Asian women being trafficked by this very real ring that I can't get anyone to help us shut down because everyone is lining up behind Kevin Brown at the moment – are over 50. I can show you pages and pages of their photos of these 50 and 60 year old women being arrested as prostitutes so that the local cops get their payoff money – while the “real” traffickers behind them go unopposed. THIS IS WHY PROSTITUTION NEEDS TO BE DECRIMALIZED. Because we won't get the REAL TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED BY THE TRAFFICKERS.

We are being “catfished” America by the very people who brought us the show “catfish”. Brilliant. They also get to spread more discrimination again minority women even in the process. Because if the show is faked – why only Hispanic women shown in the series? Why paint them all to be drug addicts, and mentally ill, and bad parents who can't even take care of their own children?

This is also a discrimination campaign against single mothers as “prostitutes” by the way – or did everyone miss that? Because we did see one after the other single Hispanic mom be painted as a PROSTITUTE, even a "victim" on this show.

If it's going to be “faked” why only use Hispanic women? Why single moms? I remember my grandmother telling me how when she got raped she couldn't get an abortion – so she wound up at an “unwed moms” home run by a church. She decided to keep the baby – but then she couldn't get a job nor could she rent an apartment even because everyone treated her like a “prostitute”. She almost gave up trying to be a mom for the baby – which would have pleased this “unwed moms” home greatly since they get paid for every adoption they do.  Look to the movie "Philomena" if you want to know what they were doing to unwed mothers over in Ireland for a long time before they got shut down.  However, the nuns running those houses are still alive you know. 

Since the very people behind this fraud campaign also run places they call “safe houses for trafficking victims” that also double as “adoption mills”, and because our members are telling me that their babies are even from being taken from them in the hospital after they're born because “a minority single mom prostitute can't possibly raise a child properly” then I can see who this show “8 Minutes” has been created to try and convince America about – and it's not at all what trafficking is about.  Some are so bold - they even have the adoption applications right on the same page they say they're a "trafficking safe house.  If you want to see an example - go to

The question is why? The answer is above.